Whose more supreme - Bhagvan Shiv ji or Bhagvan Vishnu Narayan ji ?!?!

"शिव विष्णु रूपायाय शिव रूपाया विष्णवे |
शिवस्या हृदयम विष्णु विष्णु चा हृदयायत शिवाहा ||
यथ शिवम्यो विष्णुहू येवम विष्णुमायहा शिवाहा |
यथान्ताराम न पासचाय ताथा मीस्वस्थी रेयूषी "||

"Shivaaya Vishnu Roopaaya Shiva Roopaaya Vishanave |
Shivasya Hrudayam Vishnur Vishnuscha Hrudayam Shivaha ||
Yatha Shivamayo Vishnuhu Yevam Vishnu Mayaha Shivaha |
Yathaantharam Na Paschyaami Thatha Me Swasthi Ra Yushi"||

IT'S REAL MEANING AS:- "There is no differences between Lord Shiva and Vishnu", We people Creating the main diferences between them, and we are searching for God in this world there is no God to search, God is everywhere and every human also God,we defined and bring out our inner god, The 'Man' is the Special among of the 84lacs lives,Man only occupies this total earth and universe, Man knows everything, But he not realizing to finding his inner God, Upanishads and Vedas says Do good Be Good and Say Good, Spread the Truth, Beauty, Happiness",


"Shivaya Vishnu Roopaya":- "Vishnu's Roopa/Beauty and his avatar is none other than shiva. In other words":- As:- "SHIVA IS VISHNU".
"Shiva Roopaya Vishnuve" :- "The one in Shiva Roopa is none other than vishnu. In other words:- As:- "VISHNU IS SHIVA".
"Shivscha Hrudayagam Vishnu, vishnuscha hrudayagam shiva - vishnu" :- Resides in "Shiva's Heart", and "Shiva resides in Vishnu's Heart".
"Yatha Shiva Mayo Vishnuhu, Yevam Vishnu Mayah Shiv - Vishnu" :- "Will be found in the same place you find Shiva, and Shiva can be found in the same place Vishnu is. As is if you find one, you have found the other".
"Yathantaranna pashyami, thathatme swasthirayushi" - As:- "WE ARE ONE AND THE SAME".

This mantra/sloka is found in the "YAJUR VEDA". It can also be found towards the end of the "YAJUR-VEDA SANDYAA-VANDHANAM" - Every thing in this world is from "Shiva and Parvathi". "Who are none other than "Rudra and Adi Shakti". Every one is a form/avatar of them. They take this form to teach us that one person while a single entity can be different avatars. As:- "In a child is not just a child. It could be a son or a daughter, a sibling, grow up to be father mother etc. Whole the child is one entity, it takes different forms/avatars as time progresses and takes on different responsibilities.

"Om Nama Shivaya"
"Om Namo Narayanaya"...

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