Unicorn Cosmo Energy

  • Posted on: 6 December 2017
  • By: admin

CosmoEnergy (Kosmoenergetika) is a unique and simple energy technique for self-development, self-healing, self-improvement, to impact the world around us and to expand human capacities. CosmoEnergy is a well-chosen compilation of techniques and energies, collected from all over the world from entirely different traditions. CosmoEnergy has nothing to do with the matters of faith and religion. Its improving and developing technique, a way to help yourself and others to achieve health and harmony.

CosmoEnergy specialists are able to work with physical ailments, emotional and mental disorders. They are able to determine causes for illnesses and explain to patients what changes need to be made to their lifestyle in order to re-establish harmony; how to eat better, which form of physical exercises would be the most beneficial, how to control one’s emotions, how to de-stress oneself and how to meditate in order to remove true roots of their distress and suffering.

CosmoEnergy helps to find answers to the eternal questions of life and death. This method returns many people to health and spiritual peace which is a huge contribution to well being of humanity on the entire planet for many centuries to come.

The CosmoEnergy method is not the invention of humans — even ingenious humans. It is a method which was given to humanity by a higher civilization. CosmoEnergy allows us to use rational forces of the Universe’s non-material components which we call “cosmic frequencies”.

The Healing session from the practice of Cosmo Energy by Unicorn can help towards the following things:
-Harmonization of all aspects of the client’s life, including their physical & emotional health, relationships, social interactions, financial success, financial needs, communication, creativity, spirituality, and consequently, their overall quality of life
-Working towards full recovery from a specific disease(s)
-Release of tension and stress
-Overcoming bad mood, depression, anxiety, phobias, aggression, fear, hatred, anger, jealousy, etc., which promotes a more enlightened state of mind, spiritual growth, freedom from negative & impeding thoughts, feelings, actions & people
-Finding the root cause of a disease or problem
-Unlocking true potential
-Working to resolve specific physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual problems and many other things in life.