Lentil Idli with Cucumber Chutney

Preparation time 15 mins

Cooking time 10 mins


To be soaked:

½ cup uraddaal(split black gram daal)

½ cup Moong Daal

½ cup brown rice

½ cup white rice ( use parboiled rice)

¼ cup toordaal

¼ cup chanadaal

2 tsp methi seeds (Fenugreek seeds)


To be added later:

1 inch ginger

1 dried red chili

handful of methi leaves(fresh fenugreek leaves)

salt to taste


  • Soak all the to be soaked items overnight (12 hours)
  • Drain the water and grind the soaked lentils/grains along with ginger, dried red chili, washed fenugreek leaves and salt(1/2 teaspoon or more) with little water if needed.
  • If this mixture doesnt look fermented enough, add 1/4 tsp  baking powder, or keep for another 4-6 hours in a warm place.
  • Grease Idli stand and mix and pour the batter.
  • Steam the idlis for 20-25 mins and let stand for another 10 before removing from idli stand.


Cucumber Chutney

1 medium sized round cucumber

4 green chilies slit

½ tsp. cumin

Salt to taste

1 tsp Lemon juice

Handful coriander leaves (chopped finely)



1 sprig curry leaves

¼ tsp. mustard

¼ tsp. cumin

½ red chili broken

1 garlic clove

½ tsp. urad dal (optional)

½ tsp. channadal(optional)

Pinch of hing

1 tsp olive oil

  • Wash cucumber and peel off the skin
  • Cut it to 2 large pieces. Remove the seeds and discard.
  • Fry green chilies in oil for 1 to 2 min. Cool them.
  • Grind green chilies, cumin, salt, turmeric, garlic, and handful of the chopped cucumber pieces. Keep the rest of the cucumber pieces aside.
  • Add the blended mix with the rest of the cucumber pieces, add salt chopped coriander leaves
  • Heat the same pan with oil, add all the tempering ingredients and fry till the dals turn golden.
  • Add this to the chutney, check salt and tang. if needed you can add lemon

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